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Property Services

Normally, under reasonable lease provisions the property owners in Shanghai will provide their expatriate tenants with clubhouse card to enjoy the clubhouse facilities, including : outdoor & indoor swimming pools, gym, children‟s playroom, golf court, tennis court, sauna, restaurants, beauty saloon, squash, snooker, etc.
When expatriates meet se problems in their residences, such as maintaining or repairing air-conditioner system, electronic appliances, utility systems and household items, etc., property management offices could be available to make disposals, some expatriates would like to coordinate with their landlords via relocation companies.

Mail Services:
Many property management offices will provide mail receiving and forwarding services for expatriates already transferred or moving out.
Maid Service: Maid in China is locally called „Ayi‟. After expatriates arrive in Shanghai, the best way is to find a maid to ease the local life. Normally, expatriates seek candidates via some maid agencies that are specialized in recommending full-time or part-time maids, or directly employ those existing serving former tenants who will b repatriated t their home countries.

Internet access is common and easy in Shanghai. Generally speaking, landlords in Shanghai could provide the installation service for expatriates to work and entertain on the Internet. PC. China Telecom provides lines such as “ 8163,8888,8193”, etc. which can simply be dialed by your modem. The service fees are billed o your monthly telephone bill yet shown separately. “ADSL, CNC and FTTB+LAN” are now available in most districts in Shanghai.

There is a selection of the universities in Shanghai that offer Chinese courses to foreigners. If you ant to know a bit more of what to expect of student life in Shanghai, below mentioned are the two major universities in Shanghai. And of course you can work out a course on your own, by hiring your own private Mandarin Music tutor.

Medical Facilities
Contrary to popular belief in the West people, China does not suffer from lack of medical facilities. In Shanghai the facilities to be found are most certainly amongst the best in China. Many companies
provide membership card t a certain one of the local worldwide medical centers in Shanghai, which owe top Western and Chinese doctors and in the main have their own facilities for all but major surgery. 
When major surgery is ever required, these medical centers will link with the major local hospitals and provide full Medical Support wherever needed. In the very rare cases where top medical treatment cannot be obtained in Shanghai, patients will be evacuated for the short trip down to Hong Kong; although we must stress that usually all medical facilities and services are available in Shanghai. The main hospitals in Shanghai also have their own expats departments and the hospitals at Hua Dong, Rui Jin and Hua Shan have separate department exclusively for the treatment of expatriates.